Guy goes on mad rampage inside an Apple store, smashing iPhones with a rock…

Guy goes on mad rampage inside an Apple store, smashing iPhones with a rock…

An unnamed man in Dijon, France has gone on a rampage inside an Apple store and is seen smashing iPhone screens with what appears to be a rock.

Apple employees are left shocked as they just watch (presumably they’re told never to interfere with criminals) but this leads us to an interesting question would you stop someone doing this?


Would you stop someone smashing an Apple store up?

The video:

We don’t speak French but presumably he was saying:

I want an iPhone 7! I want and iPhone 7! And if I don’t get one I will get really really mad!

We just asked a French friend what he said and basically:

He wants his money back regarding the EU legislation (but he didn’t say what is the main issue), Apple said no so he decided to destroy an Apple Store.

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The guy was later confronted by security staff

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