10 ways to scare someone this halloween on the cheap

1) Wait for them to ‘scare’ you and get them back

2) Dig a hole in the garden. Place an old pallet on top. Add a coloured lightblub. Get inside and wait

3) Photocopy your face or place your face up to glass and take a photo. Print photo and place into a very large jar. Place in fridge etc


4) Budget bodies. Fill black bags with rubbish etc, use duct tape to form into body like shapes. Cover with see-through bag


5) Make glow in the dark scary eyes. Get a few toilet roll holders and cut scary eyes out. Place a LED light or glow stick inside and hide in a bush.

6) Dress up your dog as a spider

7) Get really good at makeup art

8) Head to your local charity shop and recreate a famous character or just go for a very cheap wedding dress and cover it in mud/fake blood etc

9) Have a bad hair day + splash some coffee/mud on your clothes

10) Buy from the fancy dress store that has been doing it for 175 years + they will guarantee the lowest price online


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