10 ways that people have made money from crazy ideas

10 ways that people have made money from crazy ideas

Some people have the best ideas but never do anything about them, other people have some of the craziest ideas do something about them and earn millions!

Here is a list of some of our favourites:

1) Shipping glitter to your enemies

This story is actually pretty crazy, it turns out that the story lots of us read about the website called ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com was actually a big hoax but the guy that started it actually did take over 2000 orders and then sold the website (+ a promise to ship all the orders) to a company for $85,000. Not bad for a few days work.

2) The million dollar homepage


Alex Tew from Berkshire, back in 2005 created a website that sold 100-pixel ‘blocks’ for $100 each, due to the crazy amount of press coverage the whole site sold out, creating a nice $1,037,100 in sales!

He now has moved to San Francisco and owns a meditation app..

3) The Smashing Place

Image from Mike

Image from Mike

You pay to smash things, a mug £1.03 (¥200 JPY), fancy something bigger? That will be £5.17 (¥1000) for a large serving plate. They also offer TVs, Mirrors etc. I honestly think this business in the UK would be a hit.

4) The IV Drip Cafe


Another Japanese favourite, basically people rock up at a cafe and sit down for 10 minutes whilst an IV drip is plugged into them which contains a saline solution and specific vitamins and minerals to target a particular health ailment or beauty concern.

5) Ling’s Cars


This website is visually one of the worst on the web but it’s also so beautiful at the same time, I still question if I would trust them with a car purchase but I love how they’ve not changed it into some boring corporate website.

6) Hangover Helpers


You get a knock on the door at 11.30am, it’s someone with hot food, a cold energy drink and a bucket. They clean your party area until it’s back to normal and then leave you to recover in style, the perfect hangover cure. $20 (£12.80) per housemate.

7)  Pet Rock


All of the other ways on this page we had heard of before writing this post, we’ve never seen anything so crazy as this. Guy in a bar listens to people moaning about their pets, so decides he’s going to start selling Rocks as Pets. Yes rocks as in the things you find at the beach or in your garden. Anyway it goes ‘viral’, as much as it can back in the 1970s and almost overnight he becomes a millionaire selling 1.5 million units for $3.95 each! Unfortunately the guy passed away in March 2015 but the company that owns the patent started to sell them again in 2012.

Interesting this idea is very similar to the box of nothing.

8) ‘The Facebook’


A virtual year book… what’s the point? There is already a massive well loved social network called MySpace? Due to the more mature feel, exclusivity and the fact you could actually see the content (unlike some peoples crazy MySpace profiles) thefacebook hit it off, eventually becoming the Facebook pretty much everyone on earth has heard about.

9) Ashleymadison (recently hacked so not as good anymore)


A website for dating… only issue you have to be married to join. Their motto was/is “Life is short. Have an affair.” 124 million visits per month, as of 2015 and is ranked #18 among Adult sites in the US.

Now with 33 million members in 46 countries however in July 2015 they were hacked and supposedly all of those ‘personal’ details will be shared online but presumably not that many people will have entered thier real contact details.

10) Virtual Farming or ‘Gold’ farming


World of Warcraft & other similar games equals a massive potential for people to generate things (virtually) to sell for money (real money). This is mostly due to the Western world who supposedly don’t have the time to generate the virtual currency (known as Gold) themselves so it’s far easier for them to just buy it from abroad. Although this is often frowned upon by the websites/games behind these currencies back in 2012 supposedly over 500,000 Chinese workers were playing the game (World of Warcraft) to generate an income however these amounts averaged at around $145USD per month so if you’re reading this don’t get excited.


Would you ever want to run your own company?

And finally these words sum up this page very well:

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