Act of kindness leads mother to tears

Act of kindness leads mother to tears

Lauren Nordberg and her son Elliot had just been to the dentist and since 6-year-old Elliot has autism, Lauren had spent time prepping him for the non-routine visit.

Just like all parents she offered a reward for good behaviour, Elliot could get his favourite pancakes from his favourite restaurant on the way home, unfortunately it was a holiday weekend and the local food spot was almost full and they couldn’t sit at the usual table Elliot was used to.

With autism often it can be very important to follow certain patterns and any deviation from those can lead to anxiety, frustration etc.

After ordering Elliot became restless and started screaming etc, other diners looked on. After calming Elliot outside they returned to the table to find a strange had paid their bill and left the above note.

Cyndi Moody, who owns the restaurant, said:

‘It was just a sweet moment. She didn’t know her, we don’t know her, she’s not a regular and she just really felt for Lauren and thought she was doing a really good job and wanted to pay it forward a little bit.’

What good deed have you done recently?

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