How to make your own Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (Quad Core i5 or above recommended)

How to make your own Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (Quad Core i5 or above recommended)

In this tutorial we explain how to build your own “Oculus Rift” and you will be able to play the most famous first-person games on VR MODE.

First of all we all need to appreciate what Virtual Reality is! Watch this video (NSFW)

What do we need?

What are the steps?

1) Download Trinus VR client on your PC, install and open it.

2) Download the Trinus VR (Android) app on your smartphone. iOS coming soon.


3) Connect your smartphone to your PC (via USB) and activate tethering mode, this should give you no lag + your phone won’t run out of battery.


An Anker 6ft or 10ft Micro USB cable is ideal for VR gaming on your phone

We suggest you buy a nice and long 6ft-10ft cable so you don’t feel restricted when using VR + having a long cable is very useful when in bed / on sofa etc.

4) Place Smartphone into a VR headset & Open Trinus on your Smartphone and your PC.


5) Play any game on your PC. Some games will work better in VR when it’s windowed and running on lower resolutions (800×600 or 1280 x 720), just have a play and see what works best.

Wait what? I’m confused, OK step-by-step video here:

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