Uber Driver makes £60,000 but has only driven a few miles!

Uber Driver makes £60,000 but has only driven a few miles!

Joseph Ziyaee, from LA signed up as an Uber driver but has hardly driven anyone (because he broke his foot), whilst he couldn’t drive he saw that Uber offered a bounty for each new driver another driver recommends to the service. In the first month Joseph made £13,763 but only actual made 1 trip!

It makes sense that he’s made nearly £60,000 as he has been busy recommended and helping new drivers to the system, with friends, friends of friends, word of mouth, and social media helping him get his total sign-ups to over 200 people!

He talks everything through with the new drivers, helps them with background checks etc and seems to be a good resource but we’re not sure if Uber was quite expecting his referral credit to climb so high!

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