I worked a job at Deliveroo for a week & made £_____ – by Ben Morris

I worked a job at Deliveroo for a week & made £_____ – by Ben Morris

Deliveroo is a food delivery service that allows people to order food from places that don’t normally offer a delivery service, e.g. KFC, Nandos, FiveGuys etc. Delivery is done by people on scooters, bikes and even skateboards, they delivery person gets roughly £3.50-£4.50 per delivery depending on distance etc.

We’ve spoiled the video by giving you the answer in the photo above but that’s primarily because it wasn’t really a fair test or a full time 8 hour a day style job so the £75.00 he made was across 16 deliveries, we’ve seen some people do 16 deliveries in one day before.


  • Work when you want
  • Good exercise (if you use a bike)
  • Great way of finding new places in your city/town
  • Earn up to £13 per hour (or roughly £3.50 per order)


  • Lots of waiting for orders to be ready
  • Low income for day shifts, most money appears to be at night.
  • You need a bike or other form of transport
  • No guarantee of earning money
  • A decent amount of effort required
  • Can be dangerous riding bikes around a city
  • Possibly tax implications (just like any other sole trader)
  • Faffing around finding restaurants / finding people
  • A bit daunting at first
  • Robots will replace this job in 2-5 years time.

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