When was the last time you rang the following to request a discount? + 10 ways for success in haggling

When was the last time you rang the following to request a discount? + 10 ways for success in haggling
  • Insurance providers (phone, car, house etc)
  • Internet providers
  • Car finance provider
  • Car Breakdown provider
  • TV providers (Sky/NowTV/Netflix)
  • Mobile phone/tariff providers
  • Software providers
  • Bank account (if you get charged a fee)
  • Newspaper/news account

10 extra ways for success:

– Be nice and simply explain the situation, state you’re thinking of just cancelling if you get nowhere. Work your charm. Don’t get angry.

– Have you had issues with the service in the past? Explain.

– Time of the year may help, e.g. quiet periods of the day/year could lead to increased discounts.

– Discuss the absolute maximum that you can afford.
– Work out a genuine budget and stick to that figure.

– Compare like for like comparisons and get them to price match.

– Request to cancel and wait to be put through to this team for a final push.

– If you’ve seen a new customer offer, try and get that as a recurring customer.

– If you fail, try again!

– Add the renewal date to your calendar now so you don’t forget + add 2-3 reminders 4-8 weeks in advance of the renewal date, with a final reminder the day before. Then just set it to recur every year = faff to setup once but could mean a life time of savings!

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