Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer

Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer

OK so you won’t get paid for this however you will get FREE products to keep

– You have to review 100% of the items you select (max of 5 at a time) within 30 days of receipt.

– You keep the item once you’ve reviewed it (this is your form of payment)

– Expensive items like cameras, laptops etc go extremely quickly

– To become a Vine Reviewer you basically have to be invited by Amazon (well technically the system), they generally only invite people who have previously left high quality reviews of products they’ve purchased. i.e. write decent reviews and once you’ve helped a certain amount of people they might invite you.

– Honest, genuine and most importantly helpful reviews (that get ‘thumbs up’) are what they’re looking for

– Generally the items you’re offered will be related to the products you’ve reviewed in the past

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