10ways to speed up your Mac!

10ways to speed up your Mac!

We use Macs, this is what we use to keep them performing well:

  1. Remove unused files
    CleanMyMac3 (finds large files you’ve not used recently, deletes unused language files, old caches of data you don’t need etc)clean-mac
  2. Manage Your Startup Items
    Go to your System Preferences > Users & Groups and then click on your username. Now click on “Login Items,” select a program you don’t immediately need when your Mac starts up, and click the “-” button below.login-items
  3. Update Your OS
    An obvious fix but one that can work wonders, keep all software updated.
  4. Upgrade your RAM / SSD (doesn’t apply to all Macs)
    Use the Crucial Ram checker to find if you can upgrade
    Upgrading your SSD will depend on the age of your Mac. Anything newer than 3 years old won’t be able to be upgraded but something older should be able to!
  5. Use Atext or Text Expanders to speed up commonly written things
    For instance if we want to write ‘Thank You’ we simply write ‘TY’ and it automatically writes it for us
  6. Clean your Mac
    – Clean it with Rocketblower (allows more air to cool)
    – Use Yellow/Green gunk to remove dirt (allows more air to cool) & whilst you’re cleaning use this screen cleaner
  7. Open up Acitivity Monitor and see what is running
    You can find some scary things in here, if you’re unsure what anything is then Google it
  8. Remove Preference Panes
    These can slow your computer down, especially if they’re never used! Found at the bottom of System Preferences.
  9. Empty that trash can!
    It frees up extra space and is very simple!
  10. Repair Permissions
    Disk Utility > First Aid and Repair Permissions. This will ensure that all the files on your Mac have the correct permissions, which will help keep things ticking along.

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