Guy gets parking ticket, checks dash cam footage and sees attendant moving no parking sign. Complains and gets refund.

Guy gets parking ticket, checks dash cam footage and sees attendant moving no parking sign. Complains and gets refund.

Harvey Saunders, 41 from Hull got a parking ticket but checked his dash camera (you should all have one) and noticed the traffic warden had actually moved the no-parking cone to where his car was parked!

The £70 fine was rejected by Saunders and the footage shown to the council, the footage was filmed on the junction of Queens Road and Newland Avenue in Hull on Wednesday in Harvey Saunders’ Vauxhall Zafira and the camera was installed after he had become concerned he was getting tickets unfairly.

‘I actually caught up with him (traffic warden) a little later, purely by accident, he was still in the area,’ Mr Saunders said.

‘I asked him about what he had done and he said, and I quote “well you shouldn’t have parked there should you”.

‘I told him I had recorded him moving the cone, and I was recording him now. That’s when he went mad.

I live in this area. Real situation (not tabloid). Pedestrians were moving the cone and the attendant was moving it back to where it was supposed to be. HOWEVER, the attendant should never have issued the parking ticket as the car owner wouldn’t have known that the cones were moved.

– Paul Carter said on Facebook

Hull City Council has subsequently cancelled the ticket and said an investigation was underway and had the following to say:

‘When we need to suspend parking bays temporarily we place portable cones on the road or footpath,’ a spokesman said.

‘Unfortunately, people moving them is not uncommon, as happened in this case which can result in us taking enforcement action.

‘The officer was correct to return the cone to the original location but not to use it as evidence to issue a ticket in this instance.

‘We have contacted the motorist concerned and the ticket will be rescinded.’

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