Buying two pallets of Amazon returns

Buying two pallets of Amazon returns

This guy buys 2 pallets of Amazon returns that arrive unmanifested (no list of whats inside). Normally items that are returned to Amazon because they’re wrong, have damaged boxes etc are sold on Amazon warehouse on the cheap but it seems this guy has managed to buy in bulk from a US reseller, we’re unsure if it’s possible to do the same in the UK.

He paid $500 for each pallet, all he knows is that some of the items are new, some broken and some used.

He ensures that a paperwork trail is created by logging down the items as he finds them to ensure a decent running total and then when it’s sold he updates the spreadsheet with profit/loss etc including eBay fees.

Spoilers: Some of the items included a Smoke Machine, Remote control car, Chilled Beverage Dispenser, massive knife and some chairs.

The total cost of the pallets was $1000 but inside was a total estimated value (after looking all the items up on eBay sold listings) of $4900.

See the full video + what was found inside below:

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