10 products you can buy in concentrated form to save shipping cost & be better for the environment

10 products you can buy in concentrated form to save shipping cost & be better for the environment

Shipping large water diluted products across the country is not only bad for the environment but it will also cost you more in shipping fees or your own travel costs, a far better method is to buy these 10 products in their fully concentrated form and dilute at home with water from the tap.

The potential benefits:

  • Less plastic waste = Less cost to your local council, meaning more of your tax is spent on useful/enjoyable things + lower CO2 footprint
  • Less cost to you as a consumer, a product that might cost you £2 per 1-litre bottle at the supermarket can cost just 4p
  • Less travel costs for you (albeit these will typically be hard to quantify but over your lifetime that would add up)
  • Shipping large water diluted products across the country costs retailers more money, meaning their prices increase + the CO2 footprint is massively reduced with concentrated products
  • You will likely have a large reserve of product at home, meaning you’re less likely to run out when you need it the most (this also will prevent you from rushing to a corner shop etc to buy it at inflated prices)
  • Potentially improved ‘commercial grade’ products, vs the potentially inferior consumer supermarket friendly versions
  • You will spend less time ordering products
  • Less storage space in your home meaning you’re not paying a mortgage/rent to store products in bulk
  • Less lorries on the road
  • Saves you carrying heavy diluted products home from the shops

The Potential Negatives:

  • More time spent decanting and measuring the products out (in some cases)

1) Screenwash

Each pack is the equivalent of 120 litres of diluted washer fluid, which is massive, this product is also good to be used as a kitchen cleaner, home window cleaner, tile cleaner etc.

Buy Screenwash Tablets

2) Spray cleaning products

Make your own glass, bathroom and surface cleaner from water + toxic-free concentrated cleaning tablets (that are sent in the post using no plastic).

Buy Surface Spray Tablets or Laundry, Dishwasher etc OR buy the starter kit
or try this other company

3) Orange Squash

Each one of these extra concentrated drinks mixers is the equivalent of a 1-litre bottle of Orange Squash (concentrate) or the equivalent of 5 litres of drink once mixed with water! These are a no brainer when it comes to plastic waste and shipping water around the country for no real reason.

Buy Orange Squash Highly Concentrated Liquid

4) Weed Killer

1 sachet treats 60m2 of space, the whole pack is the equivalent of 12 litres of weed killer liquid. Kills the weed and its roots.

Buy Concentrated Weed Killer Sachets or liquid tubes

5) Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Unlike the various toilet cleaner liquids you can buy at the supermarkets these are just dropped into the toilet and left for 30 minutes or better still overnight.

Buy Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

6) Coffee Machine Cleaning Fluid

1 tablet = 500ml of solution, so 1 whole pack is the equivalent of 4 litres of coffee machine cleaning liquid.

Buy Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

7) Vitamin C Drinks

4 months supply for less than £10, which will make 30 litres of drink! Simply drop one tablet into a glass of water and wait for it to fizz and dissolve.

Buy Vitamin C Orange 1000mg

8) Mould, Lichen and Algae Killer

One 5L bottle makes 30L of product! It can be used on all services to remove discolouration from mould, algae etc. It’s also useful on car lights that might gather mould around the edges.

Buy Wet & Forget

9) All-purpose household cleaner

Dilute 60ml to 5 litres of water, ideal for mopping or just as a general household cleaner. Dissolves grease & grime leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Smells like lemons.

Buy Flash 5 litre all-purpose cleaner

10) Fabric Conditioner

Plant-based and mineral ingredients in 100% recycled bottles, meaning biodegradable cleaning without excessive plastic bottles. Naturally softens and freshens your laundry, makes ironing easier and enough for 166 washes.

Buy Fabric Conditioner or from Smol

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