10 ways to get a cheaper Starbucks

10 ways to get a cheaper Starbucks

(Don’t worry one of them is avoid them completely for all the people who are bound to say it)

1) On the Starbucks menu you will see 3 sizes Tall, Grande and Venti but you can also order a Short, it’s a smaller and a less expensive drink. The size is always available however it’s never offered. EDIT: it seems you do get less coffee in this but ideal if you don’t want a large cup.

2) Some places will charge you for cold milk, some up to £1. If they try and charge you, ask for an extra cup instead (should be free everywhere) and go get the milk from the condiment stand. Obviously only do this if you’re a paying customer for other items.

3) Take your own mug and save 25p

4) “When you purchase a Filter Coffee to stay in one of our participating stores in the UK or Ireland, after you finish you can enjoy a Tall Filter Coffee on us”, so in theory you could order a cheaper Short Filter Coffee and get a free refill instead of buying a Tall Filter Coffee. Supposedly this is only for Tall drink sizes only however it doesn’t mention that on the website. Some places may charge 25p-50p but shouldn’t do

Making your own at home is a lot cheaper!

Making your own at home is a lot cheaper! Obviously prices will vary for the UK but it gives you some idea on price difference!

5) Don’t buy one or go elsewhere. For instance you can get free coffee/cappuccinos from Waitr0se* http://10ws.co/16HiFSL OR even coffee & cake from J0hn Lewis* http://10ws.co/1acGzp0
You can even brew your own Starbucks coffee at home using online recipes

6) Go to Starbucks one hour before they close and order a filter coffee. The machine is already turned off, so you will be offered an Americano at the same price (and still enjoy a free refill). Moreover, the staff will be happy to get rid of some muffins and pastries they haven’t sold during the day.

7) Save up to 9% on Starbucks Giftcards (instantly redeemable on Starbucks app) + extra free £5 with code 2dr46x on http://10ws.co/1Ml7DIe

8) Triple espresso over ice in a Venti cup + free milk from the condiment area = cheap ‘iced latte’

9) The obvious Starbucks loyalty card, even though it’s nowhere near as it used to be. It gives you a ‘Free’ drink every 15 stars/drinks you buy, Collect 50 Stars within 12 months and you’re at the Gold level = Free Extra Shots/Syrups/Whipped Cream/Origin Espresso upgrade.

10) [Limited success] – Order a ‘puppy latte’ or ‘puppycino’, and your best friend will get a sample cup full of whipped cream. Just remember dogs technically aren’t supposed to have dairy…

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Just had to include this post, I know we’ve all at some point been confused by that menu sizing

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