10 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for

10 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for
  1. Take photos and note down serial numbers of expensive items + create a digital copy of the receipts, if something ever gets stolen/lost etc this makes claiming (or trying to recover it) so much easier.
  2. Consider writing your postcode and/or phone number on valuables or on a note left inside your valuables with a UV pen or Permanent Marker, sure if it’s stolen someone will likely check this and remove it but if you drop it in the street/leave it on a bus etc someone may return it. Another tip is to have your Macbook / Laptop display a message with contact info so if it’s found by a nice person they can contact you, how-to guide here (Apple).
  3. Make your luggage personal – this one we have first-hand experience of, we were hungover, we got home after travelling on a plane for 9 hours, we opened our suitcase to realise we had the wrong one 🤦‍♂️ The suitcase we thought was rather unique but it turned out it wasn’t, this was proved as the owner of the bag had our bag as well, luckily we managed to make contact with each other but the bag ended up 4 countries away and cost over £70 in courier fees to reunite back with us.
    1. Tie a piece of cloth to rucksacks/check-in luggage
    2. Buy an Apple Tag or Tile ready for your luggage for any trips.
    3. Insert a business card / return address / contact number inside your bags
    4. Fit some decent luggage tags
    5. Remember to always check luggage labels before taking the bag.
  4. Check with your bank if they offer discounted or included: travel insurance, technology insurance, breakdown cover etc, cancel any duplicate policies you have.

  5. Learn how to properly use your email account to avoid spam, for instance, What is an Alias Email? Including info on Throwaway, Secondary, True Alias & existing email hacks
  6. Buy some decent pillows for your bed and follow the 10 ways to improve your sleep so the following day you’re more productive
  7. Buy a smart plug or bulb to ensure your house looks lived in whilst you’re away
  8. Put Airbnb on your phone for quick access whilst travelling. If you’ve never used it before, link a friend or family member who has so you can both vouch for each other. Also, download HotelsTonight and use code APETERSON75 – Both of these apps are great for last-minute emergency accommodation and having them both installed and registered with may remove some stress in a difficult situation.
  9. Learn the basics of 3-5 languages as it can save you time and money
  10. Start to write lists of tasks you have to complete each week, this is often one of the best productivity tips and it’s easily forgotten.

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