20 household products that will save you time or money whilst also improving your lives

20 household products that will save you time or money whilst also improving your lives

At 10ways if something isn’t saving us money, time or improving our life we won’t be posting about it, this list is no different.

Elbow Grease a household staple, from kitchen tops to skirting boards this is a one size fits all type of product, save money by not paying for the big brands!

Personalised Bin Stickers – Smartens your bins up (which could in a tiny way help to improve the resale value of your home in the future as it shows you care about how your house looks) and removes the potential awkwardness (& time) of your neighbours stealing your bin

Scale Remover + Tap Descaling Gadget & Black Mould Remover, all of these will help to keep on top of your bathroom and kitchen, leading to a longer life for your appliances/equipment.

Grout Reviver Pen a quick and easy fix to smarten up your bathroom on the cheap

Drain Sticks reduces smells, helps to dissolve grease and grim, keeps everything flowing nicely

Descalers a no brainer if you live South of Liverpool (about 60% of the UK), will help your kettle last a long time + make your tea taste better

Dehumidifier for your car, if you don’t have a fancy electric car that pre-heats from your app each morning, these are the next best thing!

Barbecue Pumice – Cleaning BBQs sucks but this speeds it up

Multi-Surface Household Cleaner & Stain Remover Powder – similar to some of the other cleaning products above, this is a one size fits all type product and a household staple at 10ways!

Universal Teflon Oven Cooker Liner, cleaning your oven is often voted as #1 most hated task so this is a great way to speed up that process massively!

RainX for shower glass, mirrors and also your car! – Try it, it helps to keep glass smear free!

Anti Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner – It’s easy to forget but you should be cleaning your washing machine!

Knife Sharpener – Buy a decent knife and keep it sharp, it will improve your cooking and it can revitalise even the oldest and bluntest of knives!

Pink Stuff Paste – from cleaning saucepans to uPVC doors and everything in between, this stuff is legendary in cleaning circles!

Webcam Sliders, simple and effective ways to ensure you don’t embarrass yourself, get sacked or worse in the Zoom era!

Magic Hangers for your clothes, helps to expand your wardrobe storage space without converting your spare bedroom into a temporary walk-in wardrobe!

Recyclable Electric Toothbrush ends (Oral-B | Philips) – closed-loop recycling means these shouldn’t end up in landfill, they’re often cheaper than the branded versions as well!

Mesh Laundry Bags – stops socks/lingerie etc getting stuck in your washing machine or dryers (which could lead to a costly repair) and helps delicates remain in one piece for longer.

Clothes Folder, ideal if you were never taught how to properly fold clothes as a teenager or if you want to speed up your weekly ironing!

Bathtub Drain Protector, removes hair etc from getting clogged in your pipework, something that can easily lead to expensive plumbing bills! They also do a shower version.

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