Windows 10 uploading slowing your internet / using up tons of bandwidth etc [how to fix]

Windows 10 uploading slowing your internet / using up tons of bandwidth etc [how to fix]

Microsoft have been updating millions of machines to Windows 10, many for free, which is great however whilst doing this they’re also using your machine to share the update (3.5GB), using a peer-to-peer torrent style sharing from your computer to other users from around the world.

The feature, known as Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO), was designed to help users get faster software updates, which is a good idea to help handle the massive traffic however this is causing some users internet speed to dramatically drop or worst still they’re running out of bandwidth for the month!

Most people would be OK with it if Windows explained this however it doesn’t and the feature is enabled as standard.

To turn this feature OFF, follow these given steps:

  • Go to Settings in the Start menu
  • Search for Update & Security
  • Under Windows Update, open Advanced Options
  • Under Choose How Updates are Installed, select Choose how updates are delivered
  • Disable the toggle under Updated from More than One Place

In a statement, a Microsoft said that the feature “helps people get updates and apps more quickly if they have a limited or unreliable internet connection” and that it “doesn’t slow down your internet connection” because it uses a “limited portion” of idle upload bandwidth.


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