Did you know the Police pay £20 to have your photo/video taken?

Did you know the Police pay £20 to have your photo/video taken?

Viper Police database tour around Universities, local community centres etc giving students (& any other people) £20 cash for having their photo taken.

Lasting just 5 minutes, it could give you a theoretical £/hr wage of £240, however, it seems some Police forces try and only pay people £5-£10 for it.

You need to get your photo / video taken in a booth which is then used in digital Police line ups.

What is the photo/videos used for?

Certain Police cases call for the Police to confirm that the victim can identify the accused, they used to do lineups like you remember seeing on TV but these can obviously cause stress to the victims + take ages to recruit people. With video it’s cheaper as they can reuse the footage for multiple cases but obviously, they’ve got to continually update the database to make if fair.

Who can apply?

Literally EVERYONE


How much will I get paid?

£20 is the going rate, anything below that should be looked down on. No harm in asking for more. We’ve seen as low as £5.

How do I apply?

➡ ➡ http://10ws.co/1WwleTX ⬅ ⬅

If you represent an organisation or are an individual interested in volunteering to be recorded for inclusion onto the VIPER database please email us at
[email protected] – be sure to mention you found out about it on 10ways.com (we get nothing out of it but we may in the future).
Please state your Location and Phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Hosting a volunteer recording session (maybe pass this info on to your Student Union / Local Community Centre

To achieve this our specialist mobile equipment must be set-up to replicate the conditions found in a VIPER site.

This requires:

  • A designated room which is at least 4m by 4m with a ceiling height of at least 2.5m
  • Access to a minimum 2 electrical sockets

As part of the process all volunteers are required to fill in a consent form. This form states that you agree that your image may be used for video identification parades. A parent/guardian signature is also required if you are aged 16 or under.

Please click here to view their frequently asked questions

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