10 ways to stop a home invasion

10 ways to stop a home invasion

Having someone break into your house is one of the most horrific things to happen in daily life but it can also cost you a fortune to sort out, these tips might help prevent some horrible criminal from getting their hands on your stuff.

Some of these are obvious but worthy of a reminder.

Block / Lock your doors and windows

  • Obvious but often forgotten
  • Check all doors before bed
  • Use Deadbolt locks
  • Use a door security bar
  • Glass sliding locks
  • Always double check garage doors and doors into the garage if you’ve got one.
  • Lock your circuit breaker/fuse box
  • Always change all locks when you move into a new home
  • Make sure door hinges are on the inside and not outside
  • Never leave keys in ‘secret places’, you won’t be insured if someone finds this and uses it

Light house well at night

Make it appear that someone is always at home

  • Fake TVs are a good option or a smart plug attached to a radio/lamp etc
  • Be a good neighbour and if trusted they might go into your house to check it / move things around etc
  • Buy a Ring doorbell so you can control who
  • Get trusted family/friends to visit and consider turning the car around on the driveway etc

Remove shrubbery from around your home

  • These are great hiding places for a criminal
  • Grow prickly hedges etc if you insist on having shrubs nearby

A dog

  • One of the best security tips you can ever have but remember they’re not cheap!
  • Failing that you can make a DIY dog with a speaker and one of our recommended DIY home security systems

CCTV / Home Security system

Don’t flaunt your wealth

  • Keep your curtains closed & blinds shut
  • Don’t leave packaging for expensive items on display near your bins etc
  • Lock up and hide lawnmowers, BBQs, bikes etc

Have someone mow your lawn if you’re away

An overgrown garden is an obvious sign that you’re not at home, consider getting your neighbour to do it.

Don’t post on social media

It’s super easy to find an empty house in the UK and break into it if someone posts on social media

Have good neighbours

  • Have neighbours remove mail etc
  • Get neighbours to take out trash
  • Rely on neighbours and let them rely on you
  • Exchange phone numbers
  • If you’re going away then let them know, return with a thank you gift after your visit
  • Get them to park on your drive

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