This app allows people to buy perfectly edible food that would be headed to the bin

This app allows people to buy perfectly edible food that would be headed to the bin

Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie, both 25, have setup a great little app (similar to OLIO) that allows restaurants or small cafes/bakeries etc in Brighton, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester to sell food at a marked down price to avoid it all ending up in the bin at the end of the day.

You simply order from the restaurant, cafe or bakery and then collect your food in the designated time window.

Chris and Jamie aren’t aiming to make a ton of money from this project and most of it has been funded by University grants.

Chris tells the Standard:

‘Most of the places tend to be independent or just small chains because it is really hard to crack the big companies…. it is hard to even speak to the right people there’.

‘It costs restaurants on average 97p for every meal they throw away so we are saving them that expense and giving them extra.

‘The ultimate goal is to use it for restaurants to solve their waste management problem, rather than it being about making profit,’

‘By creating an app and involving the customers we are hopeful that it will have a bit of a bigger impact.’

Good luck to them, it’s nice to see a small team trying to help people have more money in their pockets.

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