Apple staff ‘caught stealing nudes from customers’ phones’

Apple staff ‘caught stealing nudes from customers’ phones’

It has been rumoured that Apple staff have been “always look[ing] at nudes” from customers that leave their phones at Apple to get fixed.

An anonymous Apple employee supposedly told The Courier Mail (Australian Newspaper):

“One person would take a photo and add it to the chat and others would give the person or their butt or their boobs a rating out of 10 and they would add their own side commentary.

But the only ones that have access to any photos or anything like that are at the Genius Bar. No other employees can access phones without the customer knowing.

You’re not supervised but at the same time you don’t ever really have access to a person’s phone unless you do a restore out the back,

“There has been a bit of negative feedback, obviously towards guys who work here in particular,”


Do you think Apple staff look at people's nude photos?

Apple released a statement:

“Apple believes in treating everyone equally and with respect, and we do not tolerate behavior that goes against our values. We are investigating a violation of Apple’s business conduct policy at our store in Carindale, where several employees have already been terminated as a result of our findings.”

How to ensure your photos are safe on your iPhone?

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