Parking on Pavements could soon land you a £70 fine!

Parking on Pavements could soon land you a £70 fine!

Ministers are planning to extend the current ban that stops drivers parking on the pavement in London to the rest of the UK with the aim to raise public funding create ‘safer streets and encourage more people to walk’.

Obviously, the plans are good in some respects and they’re being welcomed by road safety campaigners and disability groups, however, the public are obviously concerned that this will allow councils to start abusing powers to increase their revenue.

The president of AA Edmund King said:

The concern would be that local authorities will be able to ban pavement parking without looking at the consequences – and without studying the alternatives,’

‘Getting rid of pavement parking is fine – but only if you then remove some of the redundant double-yellow lines in order to create space elsewhere.’


Parking on pavements, should it be illegal?

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