10 super unethical and possibly illegal ways to save money

10 super unethical and possibly illegal ways to save money

NOTE: This is just a bit of fun, don’t take any of this as advice.

1) When I was running low on food, I would eat the free breakfast at the hotel 2 minutes from my apartment.

2) This one isn’t really illegal, but if you go to any Doughnut shop about 30 min before closing time, they will give you all their leftover donuts if you ask. If you don’t, they just throw them away…

3) Need references for your job interview? Have a friend fake it. Just make it believable and don’t pick something you shouldn’t be doing.
References are just people who don’t know you calling people they don’t know for information they can’t confirm. If you’re otherwise qualified there’s no reason it should be a barrier.

4) This won’t apply to all parking garages BUT I used to park at one where, right before I paid my ticket at that vending-machine-type doohickey, I would walk back to the entrance gate, press the button for another ticket and pay instead with the new one. I would be charged according to my stay of 30 seconds (when in reality I had been there for hours).

5) If you unplug the Ethernet cable from a Coinstar machine, it won’t charge a commission.

6) The best public bathrooms in a city are in the expensive hotels

7) My dad (a graphic artist) made a perfect mock-up of the parking sticker for the train station and parked there for free for a good twenty years.
Also…instead of paying high price for parking at amusement park or sports arena, tell them you are there just to drop your passenger off. Nine times out of ten they wave you on through.

8) You can use an empty Visa Rewards Bank Card to make in-flight purchases. The cards cannot be run while in flight so all transactions are completed once you land, so you can receive any item you want for free. There is no way to track the failed transaction because your information is not tied to the card. My friend is a pilot and I have done this for years.

9) Want free lunch or even to make a few extra dollars and look like the office [or house] hero. When flyers for various restaurants come out they often have buy 1 get 1 free coupons in them.
Tell everyone in the workplace you are going to go to x to pick up lunch. Take orders and money for said orders. Use 2 for 1 coupons. Pocket the difference.

10) When we were teens we used to go to the movies on busy nights in large groups. Two people would buy tickets, enter the theatre. One person would head back outside with the two stubs and bring a third person in. Third person would exit with both stubs and bring a fourth person in. We sometimes repeated this until we had over a dozen people in the theatre for the price of two tickets. The ushers never saw the same face more than twice.

A few more for fun:

11) If you live in a busy city and want free parking for the day, go to a garage/mechanic that offers a free service such as tyre rotation or pressure check (many do), take the car to them early in the morning and say you can’t pick it up until the evening. Free parking for the day.

12) Struggling to write CV, or can’t get a particular job?
Post fake job offerings on websites such as indeed.co.uk for that position you’re interested in and watch the CVs/Resumes pour in, which you can then copy for your own advantage.

13) If it looks like you belong, no one will ask any questions.

14) You can stream almost any movie, TV show, or sporting event on the internet for free.

1) Sign up for 30 day free Netflix trial
2) Cancel it on 30th day
3) Create new random email address
4) Repeat
Use Visa giftcards for payment

16) If you swear on automated voice systems, it can get you a human. I work in a pharmacy and I deal with automated insurance prompts all day. One night the prompt was having a particularly hard time understand my answer of “No.” I finally said “Is this b*tch f*cking for real?” in an aggressive tone and was almost instantly connected to a human operator.

These all originated from this Reddit Article and are not from advice from 10ways

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