Aldi launches Yankee Candle Dupes!

Aldi launches Yankee Candle Dupes!

Aldi are the king of copying products, changing them slightly, changing the name, adding an almost identical label but then selling them at a fraction of the normal price.

They’re rumoured to be launching new candles soon (some say they’ve already gone live) that are almost identical ‘copies’ of Yankee Candles but as all Yankee Candle customers know there are lots of dupes out there but many don’t perform or smell as nice as the real thing! Do you think these will pass the sniff test?

Currently (unconfirmed) they have ‘Autumn Garden’, ‘Moonflower and Amber’ and ‘Velvet Rose’ which all sound great but we’ve not tested them yet, all of them have a burn time of 28 hours (compared to Yankee’s 25-40 hours).

Priced at £2.79 these Aldi copies will fly off the shelves compared with £8.99 for the Yankee Candles equivalent!

Supposedly, this isn’t the first time Aldi have performed such a stunt, back in June they released a limited run of other smells with prices at just £1.99 for a large jar compared with £15-£24 for the Yankee Candle equivalent that’s quite the saving!  How did we miss this?!?

Also, in other countries around Europe, they’ve been selling other ‘smells’ which look remarkably like other Yankee Candle versions!

10ways, I do not care I want cheap Yankee Candles! Find me a deal!! OK here you go:

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