Get £15 when you sign up to Curve (free to do)

Get £15 when you sign up to Curve (free to do)

We’ve used Curve for a couple of years and find it incredibly useful (see the reasons below) but right now they’re offering a free £15 when you sign up using the link we’ve arranged.

The benefits:

✅ Add multiple cards to one card so you can combine your debit and credits cards into one single card and one smart app. It means you get your existing Bank benefits plus the curve features on top
✅ Start using Curve right away with a virtual card
✅ Earn cashback on selected purchases
✅ *Go Back in Time, so you can move a spend from say a debit card to a credit card or from personal to business
✅ *Amazing exchange rates (Using Curve abroad is fee-free on weekdays) – Curve uses the wholesale interbank rate for currency exchanges
✅ *Free Cash withdrawals up to £200 per month
✅ Track your spending in one place
✅ Works with Contactless and with Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay (even if the underlying card isn’t normally accepted)
✅ Automatically uses backup cards if one gets declined for no funds etc
✅ Curve Customer Protection up to £100,000 – Please note you don’t get Section 75 cover when you pay with Curve. However they do provide Curve customer protection, providing cover up to £100,000 (terms apply)
✅ Curve users are also protected by Mastercard® chargeback rights, where refunds may be provided if goods are damaged, not as described, or the merchant has ceased trading.
✅ Curve is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Sign up here and get £15 for free


– New Curve users only that use this link to sign up
– You will be immediately disqualified from this promotion if Curve finds that you have created multiple accounts.
– The promotional credit will be automatically added to a user’s account (within 72 hours) when they click on the unique link from the promotion.
– This promo code will only be valid with official Curve partners. Curve has the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.
– This promotion will be governed by English law and the English courts have jurisdiction to hear any disputes in relation to it.
– We may, at our sole discretion, suspend, terminate or change the terms of this promotion.
– We shall not be liable for any loss or claim, whether direct or indirect, which arises from this promotion. Please note that the general terms and conditions for Curve shall apply and can be referred to
– 10ways are rewarded when you sign up, this doesn’t affect our recommendation but does help us to pay for staff, an office etc


► What’s the point?
It makes life for someone with multiple cards a lot easier, if you just have 1 bank card then it might not be for you.

Curve allows you to spend from any of your accounts using just one card, so you can go out of the house with just one card in your pocket/bag etc or use Apple/Google Pay with cards that otherwise are not supported.

There’s no money stored in your Curve account, it’s not like a bank account, so you can’t put money on the Curve Card itself.

Think of Curve as a middle man between you and your bank/credit card company, you get the benefits of both (excluding Section 75) and the flexibility of what Curve allows.

► When will I get my £15?
As long as you click the link (, sign up via that page, you’re a new customer and use the card (either virtually or in-person) will get the £15 within 72 hours of first use.

► What happens if I don’t get my £15?
Any member who does not receive their first card transaction bonus within 72 hours of their first purchase should contact customer support with the code “TEN15”.

► Will a credit check take place?
Curve won’t do a traditional a hard credit check (like a credit card would do) but instead they run a ‘Know Your Customer’ check which will be seen on your credit history. It won’t affect your credit score. This basically confirms to them the details you entered when signing up are correct.

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