How to use Google Reverse Image search to save tons of money (88.9% saving in our example)

How to use Google Reverse Image search to save tons of money (88.9% saving in our example)

Lots of resellers out there simply buy products direct from China, create a UK website with an average logo, use something like Shopify to do all the checkout/shopping basket hard work and the create constant ‘viral’ posts to attract attention and blind users tagging their friends because it’s a cool product.

Now we’re never ones to crush an entrepreneurs dreams but these website are a pain in the arse as they’re constantly on Facebook etc and gain tens of thousands of likes for posts, they always hide the full price (shipping) until you’ve entered all your details in and 90% of the time the products can be found for less elsewhere.

For those of you who came here just to buy the glow in dark tape here is the buy link (we got some).

So…We see this advert on Facebook.

Today we will take an example found on July 12th 2017 a website called Gorilla Tape is running this advert on Facebook.

It leads owners to this website, showing a discounted price + satisfaction guarantee + no delivery price (£2.90) etc (standard common practice with these sort of ‘deals’)

£4.49 actually turns into £7.39 delivered once shipping is added.

Now the fun bit

Right click the image (inside Google Chrome Web Browser) or Copy the Image Address/URL (e.g. and paste this into Google Image Reverse Search website. Try it with the image below if you fancy a go, or failing that go to this URL to see the example we used below.

Google then returns this listing

Some of the links on this page might show a cheaper price but actually, you’re better off pressing ‘all sizes’ to see all images that are exactly this image as this will lead you to the direct listings.

Pressing ‘All Sizes’ will display this page

Scroll this page until you find a website you recognise, e.g. Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, DHgate, eBay.

Often the largest image will be from the original seller and be the first listing (although be warned some sellers know this happens and now increase the size so they appear at the top of the image listing)

After you find a website you trust to buy from (e.g. Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, DHgate, eBay.) you will be paying $1.18 or $1.82 for the exact same product delivered

You can even convert directly to £GBP or just pay with Monzo/Paypal to save the currency conversion.

Yeh but I’d rather buy from a UK website than a China seller…well get this:

That would be a fair request until you realise the original seller with the website url at the start of all this is actually shipping direct from China or using the slowest UK delivery system ever, quoting 15-40 delivery days for ‘some products’.

“Shipping for orders in the United Kingdom takes 3-7 days, some products in the United Kingdom have a delivery time of 15-40 days.”

Feel free to share this image below with your friends and the idiots commenting on the Facebook ad thinking it’s a great deal

Use these new skills wisely young Jedi. Love 10ways.

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