10 cleaning products under £10 that are well worth the money

1) RainX to coat bathroom mirrors, showers and windows to help them stay mark free

Whilst RainX is primarily used for automotive applications it is also superb in the bathroom to coat mirrors and shower glass etc thereby improving vision, removing watermarks and lowering the times you need to clean.

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2) A scratch free Spudger, which not only helps you to pull apart your favourite laptop for a clean/repair but also these are ideal for removing sticky labels off bottles, worktops etc.

“All in all, really pleased. Cheap and did the job with no drama.” – Amazon Reviewer
“These are good quality spudgers considering the price point. There are 3 in total all approx 15cm (6in) in length with various tips (flat and pointed) to get into those hard to reach places on your devices. They also have a nice thickness to them which helps with usage. ” – Amazon Reviewer

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3) A Pumice Cleaning Stone to clean limescale from toilets, basins etc

One Amazon Reviewer had this to say: “I think it’s right to be sceptical when a product promises to be perfect, and so I bought one thinking if it didn’t work then not too much harm done. However, I am so pleased with the outcome! A brilliant product” – Miss Keen (reviewer)

Buy Pumice Cleaning Stone

4) Forever Grout Reviver, it does exactly what you would expect, apply this toothpaste-like material to the grout lines, wait for it to dry and wipe clean – with 5 star reviews on Amazon to confirm it’s decent

“Great product. Firstly i would like to point out i am not the best at diy. I decided to touch up the grout on my bathroom floor.” – Roseanne (Amazon Review)

“Took about an hour to do a little bathroom – but this product is great and really did revive our bathroom tiles.” – Amazon Reviewer

Buy Toolstation | Buy Amazon

5) Diamond & Gold dip/bath to clean your expensive jewellery to ensure they’re always looking their best!

Jewellery is expensive and not only gets dirty over time but also can dull, this bath softens the dirt (within 2-3 minutes) and allows you to wipe it clean. Although a cheaper alternative could be to use dish soap to soak the ring for 30 mins, then use a toothbrush to brush the dirt off.

Buy from Waitrose | Similar on Amazon

6) White Vinegar should be a cupboard favourite in your home it can be used to create window cleaner, kill grass/weeds, help keep cut flowers alive for longer, remove stickers, deodorise clothing/towels etc, clean coffee machines and so much more

Great value for money! I use Vinegar in all my washing and for general cleaning. Tip: pour vinegar in a spray bottle, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (Peppermint or Neroli) and use it to wipe all the surfaces in the house!” – Amazon Reviewer

Buying from Amazon is OK if doing so in bulk, failing that try your local oriental supermarkets.

7) Coconut Oil probably doesn’t jump out as being a superb cleaning product but it actually has many uses around the home including removing sticky labels, cleaning showers, removing scuff marks from doors and floors, restoring leather and removing gum!

“Absolutely love this product. My family and I use it almost every day for almost everything. We purchased this product to mostly be used as a skin moisturiser, for which it is perfect. Also use it as a hair treatment, to treat nappy rash, to cool sunburn etc.” – Amazon Reviewer

Buy from Amazon

8) Baking soda aka bicarbonate of soda – From making toothpaste to drain unblocking this wonder powder is a must in any household

“Handy for a million jobs in the house. I sprinkle on the carpets and leave overnight to deodorise them. Freshen Your Mouth – Put one teaspoon in half a glass of water, swish and rinse.
Clean the Oven- Sprinkle baking soda onto the bottom of the oven. Spray with water to dampen the baking soda. Let sit overnight and then clean.
I put in the bin – Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of your bin to keep stinky smells at bay.
I also put a scoop in my washing machine as it had a funny smell, thats now gone and it makes the clothes much cleaner.” – Amazon Reviewer

Learn more with our guide

9) Method All Purpose Cleaner – from cleaning worktops to cleanings floors and everything in between

“Simply best cleaner all round. Once tried everyone I’ve given.one to always buys again. Great Smell too and not harmful to the environment !!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“I love all Method product, although they seem expensive they are very good and do last a long time,. The bottles are filled to the brim in recycled plastic and the products are biodegradable.” –

Buy Method All Purpose Cleaner

10) EcoTools Make Up Brush Shampoo – returns makeup brushes and sponges back to their soft and gentle original form

“My makeup brushes have been abused for years and were in a very sorry condition. I have a couple of favourites which are just the right size but that means they are used every day. I decided they definitely needed a clean and after reading the other reviews thought this product sounded perfect. I was right – the brushes are beautifully clean and soft and a joy to use. It took a matter of minutes to clean them and I was honestly surprised at the end result. This is a fantastic product and worth every penny.” – Amazon Reviewer

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