Selling beard hair for a profit…

Selling beard hair for a profit…

A group of students from Bucks New Uni have started to sell……beard hair….. but have classed them as ‘Free Meal Tokens’……

The money raised, and I quote, “go towards our Creative Advertising degree show to make ourselves look sick as f*ck.”

The idea, if you hadn’t already guessed, is to place the beard hair in your meals out to get them for free, after you complain of a strange hair in your meal.

This is the info on their listing:

“Ever had a meal that you wish you didn’t have to pay for?

Ever wanted a meal that you couldn’t afford?

We have the answer! My beard hair provides the ultimate get out clause..

‘Oi waiter! What’s this f***ing hair in my meal?’

‘Oh I am so sorry sir, it doesn’t look like one of ours, I’ll get it sorted for you.’

A short while later after you’ve finished your meal…

‘We are so sorry for the incident sir, we’ve fully refunded your meal and given you a complimentary voucher to come back again if you wish.’”

Their eBay listing has now ended but I wonder if we see any copycat eBay posts.

“About ten of my hairs are out on the loose ready to get a free meal for someone, but I’ve got plenty more to give. Everyone who has heard about it has said that it’s a sick idea, one student said: ‘Ooh. I can try a fancy curry now’,” he told Ladbible.beard-man

“Our dream is to work at a top advertising agency in London, so the more money we get, the better we can show ourselves off.”

Jord’s less hairy friend Lib joined him on the venture. The pair currently have very good seller ratings on eBay.

“I thought that was pretty cool, like this could open up the world for people, letting them try new foods without all the cost.”


Your thoughts on the beard hair sale?

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