This Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything and it’s off grid! – Would you sell up and move in?

This Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything and it’s off grid! – Would you sell up and move in?

Paul and Annett were living the city life in a small apartment in Sydney, Australia. They wanted to reduce their impact on the earth’s resources so sold up and built this tiny house instead in the countryside, it’s completely off grid so has extremely low running costs and now they’re mortgage free and living well.

At 8M long it’s a decent size for two, they could have gone up to 12M long but decided it wasn’t needed.

What tech do they use?

  • Solar panels for electricity
  • Solar for water heating
  • Battery packs
  • Home BioGas (scrape your food scraps in and it produces gas you can cook with)
  • Fast Internet
  • Rainwater storage
  • Mains power
  • Aircon

You may also notice they use both electric for daytime cooking and gas for nightime cooking!

This has got to be the nicest bathrooms we’ve seen in a small house as well!

All of which can be towed behind a truck should they wish to move! 

What did it cost?

$65,000 AUD (~£36K) for the whole house (including full off-grid power etc) or just $41,000 (~£22K) for the house without all the tech!

When they compared their rent over 3 years the amounts were basically the same as the full price of the house!

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