Commute to work/uni/college etc? Stop wasting that precious time! [start using these 4 techniques]

Commute to work/uni/college etc? Stop wasting that precious time! [start using these 4 techniques]

The average commute in the UK is 54 minutes 1 and whilst we look for endless methods of entertainment to keep us sane during this horrific part of the day we started to wonder how many of us have tried these techniques to complement Music, Netflix, reading, audiobooks etc.

1) Wearing headphones or cannot talk?

Consider converting written text into speech = Easy revision / Learning

You can also use software to generate spoken words from your written words (then save/record them for later playback on your phone, car stereo etc).

You can download MP3 files or to record manually, use your computers built in recorders to record ‘system audio’ or use software like Audacity (PC & Mac)
For Mac you will also need to install Soundflower (Mac) alongside Audacity on PC just follow these instructions.

2) Learn to read 3x as quickly!

Fancy reading a book in a day? Or catch up on the latest industry news? Or learn a new skill super fast?

It takes a while to perfect but this method will allow you to read super fast!

Try these free apps:

3) Consider using voice recorders to generate content

Use that time better, think about using a voice recorder or built-in mobile app (ensuring it’s handsfree) to draft presentations, essays, agendas, emails etc.


Using apps like Siri to dictate notes is a great way to make notes handsfree, however, not everyone has an iPhone and the software isn’t the best for longer notes so these alternative options are better:

Obviously this won’t on a train unless you’re good at whispering.

4) Or learn a completely new skill by listening to audiobooks

Remember you may need a decent phone cradle/mount, otherwise, you risk a dropped phone

Something like the TaoTronics Cradle, Magnetic Automobio or the top of the range Montar Car Mount will save your phone from falling off the window


What about speeding up your travel time?

It’s worth looking at trying to find a different/quicker route, it might be that more miles actually = less fuel used, especially if you end up sitting in rush hour traffic etc

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