Farmers and customers outraged at Tesco’s latest fake farm names

Farmers and customers outraged at Tesco’s latest fake farm names

Tesco says every product in their new range comes from ‘known farms’, but with a little research, you can tell the labels are fake.

The list of fake ‘farm’s:

  • Beef – Boswell Farms
  • Chicken – Willow Farms
  • Pork – Woodside Farms
  • Salad – Nightingale Farms
  • Vegetables – Redmere Farms
  • Imported Fruit – Suntrail Farms
  • Berries, apples and pears – Rosedene Farms

The Actual Truth

  • Woodside Farms’ sausages are on sale at Tesco but the farm confirmed they don’t sell meat and they never have.
  • Willow Farms’ chicken but the farm confirmed it doesn’t sell chicken nor does it have a farm shop
  • Boswell farm is a fruit farm and has never sold beef. They’re also rumoured to have a Yoga Retreat on site…hardly a place that would have cows near!
  • Redmere Farmers Limited was a legit company but was shut down in 2012.


Does it surprise you that Tesco are faking farms?

Tesco said:

Over the last 18 months we have been simplifying our ranges, launched Brand Guarantee and improved customer service.

However, we know customers want the convenience of getting all their shopping in one place.

These seven new brands, which are exclusive to Tesco, address our customers’ needs for quality fresh food, at very competitive prices in a single shop.’

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