The man that played piano for the internet

Bernie Katzmann an improvisational (listens to a song and then instantly plays it back) pianist, composer, and singer went viral the other day purely by doing something he loved.

The guy played Piano (sometimes dual wielding piano) for 12 hours straight whilst various Twitch users pushed people to his live Stream.

Then the donations started…

Then the weird donations started…


Then the weirder donations…


Then they started to increase


Then they jumped to the obvious requests…


Then the crowd went wild when Darude Sandstorm was played


Then people compared him to the legendary Bob Ross

Then the large donations continued

and continued…

and continued…

Then someone asked for Taylor Swift…

People started to love him

Then we saw the largest donation which led to an increase in tempo & excitement
bernie8Then the Kazoo came out!

Bernie kept saying thank you

Then it continued for around 12 hours and still continues every day since!


Full list of songs:

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