10 ways to avoid a speeding ticket

10 ways to avoid a speeding ticket

Speeding tickets/fines not only hurt your immediate bank balance but also your future insurance quotes, so here are 10 ways to avoid speeding tickets

  1. Whilst driving look closely for signposts dotted on the side of the road that have black numbers on them surrounded by red circles, these numbers indicate the maximum speed you can travel legally.
  2. Locate your cars built-in speedometer, it’s been a standard fitment for most cars since 1910 so you should have one, this is sometimes a moving arrow or line that travels in a circular motion to some corresponding numbers. In some newer cars it’s a digital display with numbers being illuminated on the display.
  3. Now this bit is quite complicated so you may wish to read over it a couple of times before proceeding to step 4. Try and keep the speedometer of the car you’re driving inline with the numbers you see on the road signs, for instance, if you see a ’40’ sign on the road try and keep the speed of your car no greater than 40mph.
  4. If you go over the number listed on the signposts by the side of the road there are several things you can do to slow the car down:
    a) Ease back on the accelerator by applying less pressure with your foot
    b) Apply the brake pedal gently

OK so we lied, it’s not 10 ways but only 4 but here are a few bonus ones:

  1. Get a phone with Waze or similar installed to readout speed limits/speed cameras to remind you
  2. Remember there are lots of myths out there including 10% + 2mph ‘rule’ – The best way is to follow steps 1-4.
  3. Remember average speed cameras don’t work like normal cameras, they calculate your average speed between all of the cameras on that part of the road.
  4. Speed awareness courses are optional for the Police to give, if you don’t get given one tough luck!  You might be able to do multiple speed awareness courses but it’s all down to the speed you were caught at and the discretion of the Police officers.
  5. Learn your signs, understand the highway code properly and consider the Police Driver’s Handbook
  6. Notice the speed signs, if you see one either side of the road remember this means you’re entering a NEW speed zone.

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