10 ways to get free delivery with Amazon

10 ways to get free delivery with Amazon

Any Amazon orders under £20 incurr a £3.99 delivery fee, however, orders over £20 are free. Here is how you get around this:

1) Prime users get free delivery, generally with no minimum spend
+ everyone gets a 30 day free trial

2) Order ‘filler items’ i.e. small items at good prices to hit the £20 free delivery mark, our tool finds them > http://10ways.com/tools/amazon-filler

3) Buy other bargains (new tool) > http://10ways.com/tools/amazon-bargain-finder

4) Share your prime membership with family

5) Students get Amazon Prime for FREE (6 months)

6) Ordering £10 or more of eligible books gives you free delivery

7) Just wait. Add the item to your basket and then wait for the next time you see a deal.

8) Add a pre-order to your order, any order over £20 allows for free delivery. So find a pre-order for a book, dvd, game etc and then you will get free delivery + if you change your mind in the future Amazon allows you to cancel that pre-order.

9) Add some groceries to your order – most people buy food so it’s an ideal addition to your order

10) Look for other sellers with free delivery (no min £20 spend)

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