Will we see people making a profit from selling their space in the Tesla Model 3 car queues?

Will we see people making a profit from selling their space in the Tesla Model 3 car queues?

Every iPhone launch day we see groups of men & women with bundles of iPhones in their arms either to instantly sell the phones on (for an easy £30-£150 profit) or to take to stores like CEX who generally will always give a higher price a day or so after launch.

The Tesla Model 3 car is the long awaited ‘affordable’ electric car from Tesla, with a £1,000 refundable deposit we’re interested to see if anyone would be pre-ordering with the hope of reselling for a profit.

Little is known about the Model 3, other than it’s estimated to have a 200-mile range, it’s roughly the same size as a Audi A4/BMW 3 Series and it should be priced FROM £35,000, with additional hardware like Autopilot (self-driving) being added optional extras.

When does it go on sale?

From 8am on 31st March 2016 in UK stores & 1st April on Tesla.com

But orders aren’t expected to arrive in the UK until 2018 with existing Model S owners taking priority over the general public.

Could I actually make a profit?

Just like anything that is new, people will pay over the top for it. e.g. you could pre-order, keep for a few days and possibly sell on for a profit.

Are people already queuing?


Andreas Stephens the first to line up at Tesla Sydney store.

Not that we know of in the UK however, Australian publication EFTM talked to Andreas Stephens, the first person in the queue for the Model 3:

As the owner of a Toyota Corolla Seca right now, Andreas doesn’t even have a garage – “I’ve got two years to build one”.

He credits his 19-year-old son with putting him onto the story of Tesla – the very same son who will likely be keen for a drive in Dad’s Model 3 when he’s 21 years old.

Of course, Andreas is also aware he won’t be the first person in Australia to own a Model 3 – priority in the queue will go to current owners of a Model S, but still, his queuing up to be one of the first is a story he’s keen to share with his grandkids in the future.

The Bad News:

It seems Tesla have thought of this and have placed a clause in the upcoming (& later removed / unconfirmed) Model 3 Reservation Contract from their website.


The Possible Good News:

You could still buy, once it arrives sell it immediately to another person…

What is the Model 3?

Your thoughts?

Would you take the £1,000 gamble?

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