Online Advent Calendars 2022

Online Advent Calendars 2022

Each year brands across the UK fight to go viral with their Online Advent Calendars to drive engagement for their brands, they generally all give out instant win prizes (from free food and drink to a discount code on items) or they offer 1 larger prize per day (e.g. a holiday, gift hamper etc) which the public compete for (normally by tagging a friend on a post on Instagram or by opening a window and entering their email address in).

Things to consider:

  • Lots of these can give out some great prizes, however, in exchange many of them want you to follow them on social media or sign up to email newsletters, these obviously can be reversed after the competition but they hope most will stick around longterm (in short they primarily want to increase their followers).
  • Consider using alias email address or even better setup a new email account just for these competitions (but be sure to actually check it during December/January).
  • A good % of these are sponsored by other companies (e.g. ITV partner with a company who are giving away a hamper, to enter you have to enter your mobile phone number which open you up to potential future spam texts etc, so be careful of privacy policy and T&Cs before entering info

The 2022 list:

Please let us know other calendars you’ve found and we will update

  1. Marks & Spencer (a great one this year with lots of great easy to win prizes)
  2. Jet2Holidays
  3. Tui
  4. MyBag (designer handbags)
  5. Falcon Enamelware (pottery)
  6. Next
  7. Boots Photos (free points and prizes)
  8. BASC – £7000 worth of prizes
  9. KitGuru (computers)
  10. Cif (cleaning)
  11. JCC (decent prices worth £300+ per day)Enter here
  12. NottCutts (garden)
  13. Slim Chickens – In-Store Purchase Required
  14. Pulsin (chocolate)
  15. Hammonds (posh food and drink etc)
  16. Harvey Nicholls (Leeds)
  17. Ohso Chocolate
  18. Eleanor Bowmer (home and gift)
  19. Spar (food essentials)
  20. Corgi (toy models)
  21. Outwell (camping etc)
  22. Decathalon
  23. Maxwell Scott Bags (post bags)
  24. MyWeekly (various items)
  25. FatFace (clothing)
  26. DHL
  27. World Tempus (jewellery)
  28. Groves (haberdashery etc)
  29. BarChick
  30. Swarovski
  31. Knorr Stock Cubes
  32. Ask Italian 
  33. MyStackers (Jewellery boxes)
  34. Yours Magazine (various items)
  35. Remington (shavers etc)
  36. Books etc
  37. Jockey Club
  38. Fairfax & Favour (post shoes etc)
  39. Coors Beer
  40. Philips Jarvis Estate Agent (various xmas items)
  41. The Courier Magazine (days away etc)
  42. ITV (various items)
  43. AutoGlym (car cleaning)
  44. YourDog
  45. Visit Belfast (e.g. free tickets to a concert)
  46. HonestJohn
  47. MySwitzerland
  48. Funky Pigeon
  49. Camping and Caravan 
  50. Family Tickets (kids stuff)
  51. Orchard Toys
  52. Hornby
  53. Baby Magazine
  54. Canary Wharf

  55. Dots Wheels (car wheels)
  56. Beautiful Drinks
  57. Interflora
  58. Cotton Traders
  59. SpaBreaks / Wallis
  60. Little Tikes
  61. TeaPigs (tea)
  62. Dorset Cereals
  63. AirFix
  64. NineYards (hair stuff)
  65. Dishmatic (cleaning)
  66. PetPlan
  67. Online High Street (various sustainable items)
  68. Scalextric
  69. Britain Magazine (Days out etc)
  70. Runners Need
  71. English Garden
  72. ePhotoZine
  73. Nigella (e.g. pizza oven)
  74. FalRiver
  75. Kwikfit (tyres but prizes like Apple Watch)
  76. The Clean Beauty Club
  77. SuperDrug Mobile
  78. UK Campsite
  79. Sandberg (tech)

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