Sell cans of air for £80 each

Sell cans of air for £80 each

Leo De Watts has been collecting air from the UK and selling it to wealthy Chinese people who want to breath fresh air, they’ve already sold over 100 jars!

“the Gucci of air”

Customers have a choice of air from various parts of the UK, including Yorkshire, Dorset and Somerset, and Leo’s sister Francesca explains she believes they’re all different.


You can check prices on


“It’s got no pollutants in it at all. It’s fresh, it’s good for you and it’s freely available.

“It’s a genuine product. We’ve never shipped a jar that was just filled in the kitchen or the garage at home.” – Melanie De Watts, Leo’s mother

The video:

These bottles of air cost $115 each.And people are actually buying them.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sky News Interviews AETHAER

Sky News spends a day with AETHAER. From farm to market, Sky News reporters find out what goes on behind the scenes. Join the journey and find out what AETHAER is all about in this two part interview with comments from the National Heart & Lung Institute and other guests. #AETHAER #SkyNews #AirFarming

Posted by Aethaer on Sunday, 14 February 2016

Similar to this guy (who has made US$810 million) doing similar in China

This is similar to the story from Chen Guangbiao Chinese company selling canned fresh air at Beijing Financial Street on January 30, 2013 in Beijing, China

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