Student finds ‘perfect’ way to avoid parking fines

Student finds ‘perfect’ way to avoid parking fines

TJ Azodeh, a 19-year-old student from the University of Houston has avoided paying parking tickets for the whole year by placing a fake penalty notice / ticket before someone else does.

Often councils / uni car parks won’t issue more than one ticket either in a certain timeframe (e.g. 24hr with lots of councils) or if one is already on the vehicle. TJ who got the idea from one of his friends (who got caught cheating the system) has so far managed a 100% success rate.

He went to Twitter to show off:

The post has been Retweeted 50K+ times and 124K+ likes.

Others on Twitter had this to say:

TJ had this to tell Buzzfeed:

“I’m aware it takes advantage of the laziness in people, and cops not doing their job.

But if I don’t get a ticket because an officer doesn’t check, I believe I finessed the system.

I’m a very lucky person — my luck hasn’t let me down,

But if I got two tickets that cost me twice as much, I won’t be mad.

If enough smart people wanted this to work, they won’t tell every single person… They can keep it to themselves.”

Others said they did similar:

But others said it doesn’t work:

One Buzzfeed commenter had this to say:

Something I used to do (because I was spiteful after racking up $150 in tickets) was if there is an old machine, use an inactive credit card to buy a week of parking at a time (this was to go to work). The older machines don’t actually run the credit cards until the end of the week, it just kind of saves your info. I’d buy a prepaid card with $20 on it, put $20 in my gas tank and then use the empty card to buy parking.
Once you’ve used it once or twice though it blocks your card so that’s why I used prepaids so my actual card wasn’t ever blocked.

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