How big shaving companies rip you off and the alternatives

Ladies and Gents have you ever thought about how the big shaving brands like Gillette & Wilkinson Sword can afford to pay for all those expensive adverts on TV with various top level sports personalities etc and all the free samples they give out etc? Well the answer is they rip you off when you buy blades. If you shave your face, legs, arm pits etc etc then it’s worth looking at using a safety razor instead.


Once mastered it will give you a closer more consistent shave with less irritation and best of all will cost you a lot less than cartridge razors. You will soon realise that those 3, 4 & 5 bladed plastic shavers you’ve been using and filling up landfills for years with are pretty pants.

Here is a quick guide of the things you will need + two videos on how to use them properly:

1) The Handle, something like:

– Muhle R89 >
– Edwin Jagger Safety Razor >
– Budget Jagen David E01 >
– Baili >

2) The blades, something like:, or

3) The other bits (brush, cream etc)

Brush >
Cream > or find some in your local supermarket, local shops etc

↪ or a full set with most items included:
– Taylor of Old Bond Street set >
– Soap Stick / Brush >
– Cut Throat Razor Starter Kit with full set of extra >
or for those who want to shave like their Great Grandfathers
a Cut Throat Razor >

4) Two videos to watch so you don’t cut a limb off or half your jaw etc

Looking for electric shavers?

Check out the list of the products we use and recommend


How do you shave?

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