Would you eat lettuce grow in a factory?

Would you eat lettuce grow in a factory?

Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, a factory half the size of a football field, with 17,500 LED lamps grows lettuce on 15 levels. Each day 10,000 heads of lettuce are produced, using 1% of the normal amount of water needed for the same crop yield.

An advanced system that controls water irrigation, air humidity, air flow & overall temperature allows the factory to produce the ‘perfect’ environment for lettuce to grow and speed wise it beats its outside cousin by 2.5x!


You also benefit from No pesticides, No need to rinse, No insects & low radiation

They also reduce the waste from around 50% (outside plants) to around 10%, creating a 100x increase in productivity per square foot, the use of LED lights saves around 40% of power compared with a fluorescent alternative.


Would you eat lettuce grown in a factory?

“I knew how to grow good vegetables biologically and I wanted to integrate that knowledge with hardware to make things happen.” – Physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura, CEO of Mirai Co.,


But does it taste ok?

According to their website: “A large amount of vegetables have been delivered to restaurants. People who have eaten vegetables unanimously say “It tastes good!””


Can I not grow my own?

Yes you sure can! We’ve even got a post on how you can regrow lettuce! 

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