Many are boycotting plastic filled Christmas Crackers this year, and making these far superior versions instead!

Many are boycotting plastic filled Christmas Crackers this year, and making these far superior versions instead!

With more and more people wanting to cut their consumption down many are turning to recyclable / reusable items instead of one time use products, a perfect example is Christmas crackers, they’re known for being awful yet every year millions of people buy them to open them, laugh at how poor they’re and then throw the contents into the bin hours later…

So instead many are making their own, with superior gifts inside and/or most importantly making them using materials they’ve saved from the months prior to Christmas day and from items that they might be able to reuse again next year. Depending on how good you’re with being thrifty these can cost less than a box of crackers from the supermarkets and last much longer.

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Things you will need:

Things to remember:

  • The main point of these is to try and reuse otherwise wasted materials
  • The other point is to make something worth saving for next year, so you’re only throwing away parts of it
  • Doing the above should save you money in the longterm, although the first year will probably cost you more

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