How did you ‘cheat the system’ – Reddit Best Answers

How did you ‘cheat the system’ – Reddit Best Answers

So I was 11 years old and at a water park with my family. I really wanted to go to Burger King that day, and my dad had said repeatedly no way, he didn’t have the money for that.
They had this system where when you arrive, you bought a bracelet for $4, which you could exchange for a tube to ride around on stuff. At the end of the day, you’d return the bracelet and they’d give you $1.
It was around the middle of the day, and there were people both coming and going, and there was a really long line at the stand to get/return bracelets.
So I sold my bracelet to some guy at the back of the line for $3. He didn’t have to wait, and I gave him a dollar off, so all good. Then I took that $3 and went and bought back three bracelets from people waiting to return them (I gave them the same price they’d get at the booth, but they didn’t have to wait). I took those three bracelets and sold them to other people at the back of the line for $3. Rinsed and repeated a bunch of times, spent about a half an hour hustling.
Went back to my dad with $40 bucks and gave it to him, and explained how I got it. Asked if we could go to Burger King now.
He was like yeah, you win. Whoppers were on me that day. Permalink

I bought my first HDTV in 2003 at a large box store. The guy tried to sell me the warranty, but I refused, citing I didn’t have enough for the TV ($2200) and the warranty ($450). He took the price of the TV down to $1700 so I would buy the warranty.
A day after the TV was delivered I went back to the store and returned the warranty.

Had to park in New Orleans for a week, was going to cost 140 dollars. Went to post and if you lost your ticket it was only 50 dollars. I didn’t lose my ticket, but I said I did. Take that system!

I still have my student ID which did not have a date on it and the picture is incredibly dark. I still get discounts on occasion using my student ID and still have my email which I use for a ton of free software.

I work in an office next to a Walmart so I walk there almost daily to eat lunch. Without fail I’ll usually find discarded receipts on the ground from customers who litter or leave them in carts. I then use Walmart’s “Savings Catcher” app (Similar to Asdas Price Guarantee in the UK) and scan the barcodes in. The app price matches the items then refunds me the difference if it was cheaper at a competitor. The funds can be redeemed at I made enough in a year to buy my kids a trampoline.

I sit in on college and graduate level courses without signing up or paying even the reduced audit fees. I simply show up on the first day of class early, wait for the teacher to be free for a minute, and ask if they mind if I sit in. 9 times out of 10 they’ll let me sit in on lectures, 7 out of 10 on discussion groups. I do this simply because I enjoy learning, and even if teachers aren’t supposed to let me sit in, they’re in charge of enforcing that and enjoy teaching to engaged students so they’re generally happy to have me. There are even schools which allow you to test for credits so you can turn this free education into a quick and cheap degree when you’ve done enough of it.

I have the school bell audio recorded on my phone and play it 2 minutes before class is suppose to end. Yes it has worked

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