Make a home movie/media system on the cheap

So this awesome little £25.95 rectangle contains a tiny computer (700mhz processor, 512MB ram, 2 x USB, Ethernet network, MicroUSB power, HDMI, RCA audio/video, SD card slot & GPO ports)

It can be setup as a computer for ‘everyday’ use but most people use it as a media centre to play movies/youtube etc on their lounge TVs

Things you will need:
↪ Raspberry Pi B-Model > or
↪ A quick SD card (4GB+) >,, or
↪ 5 Volt USB power supply (at least 700mA) > Check you don’t have one lying around >, or
↪ Keyboard/Mouse > & wireless adapter or
↪ Ethernet cable/HDMI cable (Check you don’t have them lying around) – Failing that &
↪ Protective Case (Optional) >, or

To get it running:
Follow YouTube videos below but basically
↪ Format SD card
↪ Install Software >

Basic computer > or watch

XBMC / Media system >
or or

↪ Let it load/run and have a play

Hands on Video on what it is and how it works

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