Tesco send a guy £238,000 worth of vouchers (he is one of 5 people to get similar amounts totalling £860,000)

Tesco send a guy £238,000 worth of vouchers (he is one of 5 people to get similar amounts totalling £860,000)

Ken Smith ordered £2,380 of gift cards to give to some of his chosen charities to help support people in need over Christmas but when his daughter answered the door and the delivery driver said he had a heavy parcel the Smith family were confused to say the least!

…I couldn’t believe it when I opened it up. It had £238,000 in Tesco £100 vouchers in it. I dissolved into hysterics. The thought crossed my mind I would throw them up in the air and roll around in them.
“It was very funny. I suppose I could have off-loaded them somewhere but I wouldn’t do that of course. I phoned Tesco and told them about it and they apologised.

“A few of the charities we help don’t want the money for Christmas in a cheque and ask for Tesco vouchers.”

Mr Smith added: “Tesco have called me and said they are going to send a present for the charity. They have sent the vouchers I ordered now and cancelled the validation codes for the big batch but they still haven’t collected them.”

Tesco ended up giving £250 to each charity and one extra voucher to Mr Smith but cancelled all the other gift cards.

A Tesco spokeswoman said:

“We always aim to go that extra mile for customers at Christmas, however on this occasion our colleagues may have provided a little too much festive cheer!

“A number of customers, including Mr Smith, received the incorrect value of gift cards as a result of an operational error, so we are extremely grateful for their honesty. To help make Christmas a little more special, we’ve provided each customer with a gesture of goodwill and apologised for any inconvenience caused.”


Did Tesco do the right thing?


Story / photos via Cambridge News

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