This baby has a wardrobe full of clothes worth more than you probably will ever own

This baby has a wardrobe full of clothes worth more than you probably will ever own

Avaya Hugo (aged 2) is an Instagram sensation already, with 69,600 followers (& rising) she is raking in the freebies, with over 500 free designer outfits and tons of free nappies, dummies etc etc totally £10,000

It just shows how desperate companies are to attract ‘cheap’ ‘free’ marketing, it costs a company very little to send a product for free in exchange for potentially 60,000 people learning about their brand.

Carly (the Mum): ‘It’s amazing – Avaya has more outfits in her wardrobe at 18 months than most women collect in a lifetime!

‘Some people say I’m being pushy by posting so many pictures of my baby, but I ignore them.

‘I haven’t needed to buy an outfit for Avaya since she was four months old.


‘My other ‘mum’ friends can’t believe it. They get so jealous when they see whatever latest combo she’s wearing, and beg me to pass things on once Avaya outgrows them.

‘Avaya’s a naturally happy child and just loves being in front of the camera. It’s no surprise she’s got so many followers – she brings joy to so many people.’

‘Having Insta-famous daughters means we often get recognised when we go out all together with the pram. People have even created fan pages.

‘Like any mum, I thought my baby was gorgeous, but it was amazing that many people thought so too.

‘I thought Daniel might be against it, but he was really supportive – he could see that what I was doing wasn’t harmful or sinister – it was just about celebrating our gorgeous daughter.’


Do you think it's right that a child should be on Instagram?

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