SCAM: Project X Freshers Tour

SCAM: Project X Freshers Tour

64 events in 7 days. Even the best events companies would struggle to do that!


How can we help stop the scammers?

Go to the pages / events and report them as scams

The fake pages:

List of events: &


Why do the scammers do it?

Just like the Total Wipeout Scam, Open Air Cinema, Big Water Slide & ‘Radio 1’s Big Weekend in your city’ events these scams aim to get thousands of people liking & expressing interest in events / pages that are later swapped to other events or sold on.

They get a large following, change the name of the group to something like ‘Student Events 2016’ and then spam the hell out of everyone with event invites to their actual events or sell the ownership of the group to someone else (often a spammer/scammer etc) for £50-£500.

Also, these groups are often related to student fresher groups, so the pages often change names to then promote club events or student tours etc.

If the scammers can’t use the pages to make profit they will run competitions (collecting your information, email address, phone number etc) and often sell your details on to whoever will buy it (although they deny this).

Delete any friend that says “It’s worth a go”

Your friend is an idiot. Block/delete them they can’t be trusted.

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