Little bits of paper that can save you so much time & money

Little bits of paper that can save you so much time & money

How many of you are guilty of throwing away your receipts and then regretting it later on?

Remember to NEVER throwaway receipts for electrical items & especially items worth more than say £20. If something goes wrong then you have easy proof you purchased it and can get your money back etc. In fact we’re rather anal about receipts and we keep all receipts just in case something goes wrong, even with weekly food shops etc

How long should I keep receipts?

Very short term (check they’re correct and bin):

  • Cash withdrawals (double check amounts)
  • Restaurant receipts (wait a day at least)
  • Small purchases that you’ve used

Short term keepers (less than a month or until all items used):

  • Food shops
  • Clothing receipts (unless they’ve got an extended warranty)

Long term keepers (keep until you get rid of the item):

  • Business expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Anything car related
  • Electrical purchases (TVs, Consoles etc)
  • If you purchase anything with a warranty
  • Anything to do with your house (bills etc)

Why would I keep my food shopping receipts?

Imagine a certain item was recalled or your child gets poisoned by some food, you generally would have to prove you purchased it for ‘compensation’ etc.

What happens if I’ve already thrown the receipt?

If your goods are faulty and you don’t have the receipt, you still have the same rights to a repair, refund or replacement as under the Sale of Goods Act.

Speak with staff, management and take along a bank statement showing the store name if you don’t have the receipt, it will roughly prove the item was purchased with them on a certain day.

Remember stores DON’T legally have to accept returns for NON FAULTY items (this can often trick people out), however most do, so always check when buying (should be on a sign near the payment area).


What if the item was a gift?

Legally the person who purchased the item has the right to repair or replacement due to a fault HOWEVER if the item is given as a gift make sure you note down that it’s a “gift for <your name>” on the receipt and then the rights are now technically transferred.

Got an example of when I should keep a receipt?

This 170 piece tool set ( for £125-£250 (depending on offer period) has a lifetime warranty, buy it today and in 30 years time get a piece replaced if it goes wrong.


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