Residents living near airports start attacking cars parked on their street

Residents living near airports start attacking cars parked on their street

Those living near Luton Airport have become so frustrated with people parking on their streets that they’ve gone to their local council to seek advice slashed tyres, smashed windows and written all over cars parked in their streets…

This isn’t helped by Luton Airport being reported as the most expensive place to park in the UK

Owners of cars presumed to be on holiday flying from London Luton will face quite a shock when they return to find their cars now have slashed tyres, smashed windows and are covered in graffiti.

It’s rumoured that these cars have been parked for longer than 2 weeks when they were vandalised last Sunday.



The facts:

  • Parking at Luton Airport costs starts at £63.99 a week.
  • A two-week stay in Luton’s standard on-site car park came in at £191, the online investigation by Admiral insurance revealed.
  • Exeter was the cheapest, where an equivalent space cost just £65 for the same 2 week period of time.
  • Those flying from Heathrow terminals 2, 3 and 4 will pay £146, and £10 more at T5.
  • The average car parking rate for two weeks came in at £111, although those flying from Luton will pay £80 more.
  • Also ranked in the most expensive airports for drop-offs are Luton at £8, Doncaster at £6 and Edinburgh and Cardiff, which both charge £5.

Angela, 37, said: ‘The owners are going to have a shock when they get back of their holiday.

‘They were obviously seen walking off with their cases. Personally, I think this is a little extreme.

‘I’ve heard that the person who wrote on the car did only that and since then the windows have been smashed and the other damage caused by kids.


Do these car owners deserve it?

‘The writing looks easily washed off, however, since the writing was done, that then has given whoever the green light to smash it up.’

Another resident, Amanda Carnell, who lives three streets away, believes youngsters may be involved.

Amanda said: ‘This isn’t in my street but I have seen it vandalised for three weeks.

‘There are actually two cars that have had their windows smashed, but this is the only one with the paint.

‘People using nearby streets [as free parking instead of paying at the airport] is a huge issue in this area. It’s much worse on that street, but it’s spreading to mine now too.

‘I believe the local council are going to start using permits for residents to help combat it. I think you’ll probably get two permits per household. We just got a leaflet through the other day.

‘The road’s pretty bad anyway because it’s on a hill as well so you can’t see if there’s cars coming the other way.

‘It is a problem, but it certainly doesn’t warrant this kind of behaviour. This is why I think it might be children.

‘They have probably heard something at home and they don’t understand what’s going to happen in the future.

‘Incidents like this will push up the price of insurance for car owners in the area.’

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