A MUST read for anyone that stupidly used a company to claim Uniform Tax Rebate from HMRC

A MUST read for anyone that stupidly used a company to claim Uniform Tax Rebate from HMRC

As we’ve mentioned in the past it’s fairly easy to reclaim on the Government website if you want a uniform tax rebate.

However, the web is full of adverts promoting websites offering to sort out all the paperwork (one form) for you (whilst they ‘sneakily’ take 20% + a fee + VAT) but you should already know this if you’re reading this. We have discussed this on main occasions but never knew this part:

Anyway, what these companies don’t warn you about is that “apparently when you use a claims company, HMRC advised me that you give them ‘life long’ authority to claim any tax rebate on your behalf and any rebates automatically issued by HMRC will go through them! I’d advise anyone whose liaised with a claim company and sent paperwork back to call HMRC and see if any company has this authority and get it removed! It can be removed over the telephone, I did it within 5 minutes!

I got stung by a Tax Rebate claim company as well; I went through a website called https://www.uniformtaxrebate.co.uk/ – they sent me the paperwork and I sent everything back, under the impression I needed a company to claim on my behalf not realising I could just sent a letter myself.”

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