How to get decent furniture on the cheap

How to get decent furniture on the cheap

First of all. Make a plan & roughly measure.

Buying furniture can take ages, especially if you’ve got take something back because it doesn’t fit!

Make a small drawing of the room and any obvious measurements that are needed a decent tape measure is probably a must.

If you’re feeling particularly ‘designery’ then try RoomSketcher

Plan where you spend the most money

Spend money on the things you’re going to be using the most, e.g. spend the most money on your mattress/bed as you’re going to be spending a good part of your life on it.

If you don’t use it every day (e.g. sit on it) then go as cheap as possible!

Free stuff

  • Family / Friends used furniture often will be ideal but you need to be lucky
  • Freecycle | Facebook Groups | Gumtree etc.
  • Remember to haggle, if you’re buying something then see if they will chuck in something else for free

Buying used


See a skip? Find something that you might be able to use in a different way [ask permission]. The possibilities are endless. Just call yourself an aspiring interior designer and your mates will stop calling you a pikey!


What about Upcycling?

Getting something for free or on the cheap might sound like an awful idea to you but what if you give the items a lick of paint. You can turn even the most 80s piece of furniture into something you would spend £100’s for in a posh London shop!

Learn how to paint furniture / kitchens on the cheap



A classic + you get tons of freebies for being a member (free drinks / £1 meal deals etc).

You could modify IKEA furniture for extra points

Budget Highstreet

Be a financial rockstar and share this with your friends, family and co-workers to maximise savings:

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